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Lower Back Pain Treatment for Instant Back Pain Relief

The pain came on gradually, but has become severe in the last year. The limb neuropathy began 14 months ago after being hit from behind by a bus. He landed on his right medial knee, upper thigh, chin, nose, forehead and right anterior shoulder. After the accident, he was unable to grasp food properly, count money or hold a glass. The neuropathy radiates from the neck, down the right arm and into both hands. Patient reports heaviness, weakness and tingling in all fingers, but denies pain in the limbs.

He can feel warm and cold, but he reports subjective numbness in both hands.

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Patient reports no change in pain or neuropathy with time of day, but cold weather makes it worse and heat makes it better. In the right leg, patient reports a cold, tingling sensation from sole to knee, which is most intense between the lateral ankle at GB40 and the lateral leg at GB Patient appears to be in relatively good health, but severely challenged by the pain in his neck and low back.

He is unable to perform AROM and orthopedic tests due to the severity of his pain. He is unable to walk without support from his wife, and exhibits severe pain when standing up or beginning to walk.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

He also has difficulty balancing when standing up, almost falling over. DTRs on bicep, triceps, brachioradialis, patella, hamstring and Achilles are normal. Nail bed blanching shows normal circulation in both hands and feet. Cervical AROM shows full range-of-motion with flexion and lateral flexion, extension and rotation, but with report of severe pain with motion. Cervical compression test increases neck pain and heaviness in arms. Cervical distraction test brings relief to neck pain and heaviness in arms.

Upon palpation, there is severe pain and tenderness at left C2-C4 and right and left C6 and C7. Lumbar flexion AROM is 80 degrees normal 90 with pain on motion. Extension is 15 degrees normal 30 with pain on motion. Lateral flexion is 20 degrees normal 30 with pain. Rotation shows 25 degrees normal 30 with pain on motion. The muscles along the neck and back present with severe rigidity upon palpation.

It is difficult to insert a needle without bending due to tenseness of erector spinae musculature. Tongue: purple-red body, thin bright pink tip, slightly deviated to the right, transverse cracks and purple sublingual veins. Cervical spondylosis of C4—C7 Bulge of disk posterocentral at C3—C4 C4—C5 posterocentral protrusion of disk ; narrowing of bilateral neural foramina with possible impingement of bilateral existing nerve roots Diffuse bulge of disk with left posterocentral protrusion at C6—C7 with indentation of thecal sac and cord — possible impingement of existing nerve roots Slight increased signal intensity in the cord at C5-C6 level with myelopathy.

DX: Cervical spondylosis of C, with nerve impingement at C and disk bulges at C; Lumbar spondylosis, with right-sided spondylosis at L4, and disk bulges at L1—5. TCM DX: Bone bi syndrome; qi and blood stagnation of Bladder channel and Governing Vessel at cervical and lumbar regions due to and compounded by history of overwork and trauma; Underlying Kidney yin deficiency creating a malnourishment and deformity of bone, leading to qi and blood stagnation transforming into qi and blood deficiency; Qi deficiency and stagnation in the channels leading to neuropathy in the hands and feet.

With continued acupuncture treatment in conjunction with stretching, traction, massage, electrostimulation and cupping, a decrease in pain and neuropathy is likely.

The aim is to avoid or delay surgery for as long as possible with consistent acupuncture and conjunctive therapies. Patient is treated at the clinic 3 to 4 times per week for 1 month, after which treatment progress will be assessed. Focus on Hua Tou Jia Ji HTJJ points in the cervical and lumbar regions to stimulate qi and blood circulation in local areas of degradation, disk bulging and pain. Teach patient stretching and exercises to reduce pain. Nourish Kidney yin, tonify qi and blood, move qi and blood.

Massage: Tiger Balm or Bai Jie Balm applied with massage and pressure point therapy to neck, shoulders and low back. He reported being able to walk for an hour and a half without trouble, and appeared to be able to sit, stand and walk without the distress that he exhibited in his first several visits to the clinic. Upon palpation, his musculature was also much less rigid than before. This patient presented with a difficult case due to severe pain, the pressure of impending surgery and no significant change until treatment 7.

This case teaches the importance of having the patience to adhere to the treatment plan. The strategy is now revised to a longterm plan of 3 visits per week for 6 months, after which the need for surgery will be reassessed. With continued treatment over the next 6 months, the intention is to manage pain, regain balance and agility, reduce the neuropathy and regain bowel continence. Future treatment should be focused on acupuncture with conjunctive therapies: electro-stimulation, cupping, traction, stretching and massage.

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