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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. I love writing short stories. Call it instant gratification, but it is a great feeling to see something you created that didn't take .
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His wife, Rosaria Inzerillo, had several relatives associated with the Gambino family, including her cousin, Tommy Gambino, court papers from that hearing said. Cali started out in a crew under a rising captain, John D. One Gambino soldier, Joey Orlando, was overheard on a wiretapped call that was disclosed at the hearing complaining about Mr. Orlando was overheard saying. Cefalu stepped down.

Prosecutors said Mr. Cali was observed by law enforcement at Gambino family events as early as , when he was in his 20s, prosecutors said. He was present at the wake of his famous predecessor, Mr. Gotti , who died of cancer in after a decade in prison, and at several other Gambino wakes in the years to come. Cali was arrested only once, in the extortion case , a small part of a much broader indictment that charged dozens of Gambino family members, associates and others with a wide array of crimes.

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  • At Moravian, Francesco Cali rests among mob legends who also met untimely demises -

The extortion case involved a failed attempt to build a Nascar track in Staten Island. Cali pleaded guilty to extortion conspiracy in the case and was sentenced to 16 months in prison. Protass, said. Prosecutors in that case said Mr. Cali — at the time a captain in the family — committed other crimes for which he was never charged. In , federal prosecutors identified Mr. The same philosophy seemed to be at work in the nation's financial circles and in the underworld: greed and the raw exercise of power were good; playing by the rules was for suckers. All of that ended after his arrest in His last years were as a federal prisoner, number No stranger to life behind bars, Scarfo had been jailed on three other occasions during his storied criminal career, in , following his conviction on manslaughter charges in Philadelphia; in , after being cited with contempt for refusing to testify before the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation; and in , following his conviction on a gun law violation.

The Life and Hard Times Of Cleveland's Mafia: How Danny Greene's Murder Exploded The Godfather Myth

None of those prison terms, however, lasted more than two years. His parents were Italian immigrants who hailed from Calabria, a dirt-poor region in southern Italy. Scarfo graduated from Benjamin Franklin High School, fought as an amateur boxer and worked for a time as a distribution supervisor for newsboys at Philadelphia's 30th Street train station. According to most law enforcement accounts, he was introduced to the ways of the Mafia by his uncles, Nicholas, Joseph and Michael Piccolo, who were made members of the Philadelphia mob.

Scarfo began as a bookmaker. The Piccolo brothers ran Piccolo's , a restaurant at 11th and Christian Streets in South Philadelphia that for years was a well-known mob hangout.

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  • At Moravian, Francesco Cali rests among mob legends who also met untimely demises.
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Nicholas "Nicky Buck" Piccolo rose to the rank of capo, or captain, under Philadelphia mob boss Angelo Bruno, who reigned as Mafia kingpin between and His volatile temper and violent outbursts ran counter to the style and philosophy of Bruno and several other top mob figures, including Joseph "Mr. Joe" Rugnetta, the longtime consigliere - or counselor - of the Bruno crime family. In fact, according to several mob informants, Rugnetta had recommended several times that Scarfo be killed because of the problems and unwanted publicity he created for the otherwise low-key Bruno organization.

Bruno, ever the diplomat and master of compromise, opted instead to banish Scarfo from the city. This came in , after Scarfo completed a one-year sentence following his conviction of manslaughter. The charge stemmed from a fight in the Oregon Diner in which Scarfo stabbed a longshoreman, William Dugan, during a dispute over a booth in the popular South Philadelphia restaurant. In , Scarfo moved to Atlantic City, where his mother, Catherine, owned and operated a boarding home on North Georgia Avenue in the predominantly Italian American Ducktown section of the resort.

Scarfo lived with his second wife, Mimi, and three sons one from an earlier marriage in an apartment in his mother's building. Years later, after earning millions as a Mafia boss and maintaining a lavish waterfront home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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And at one point told probation authorities that he worked as a maintenance man for his mother. Scarfo struggled during his early years in Atlantic City. He was the mob's caretaker in a resort that was clearly on the skids. According to law enforcement accounts, he worked as a bartender and scrambled to make ends meet by engaging in some bookmaking and loansharking.

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For a time he also held an interest in an adult bookstore. It was during this period that he was sentenced to a year in prison for refusing to testify before the SCI. He was one of nearly a dozen mob figures, including Angelo Bruno, jailed for contempt at that time. In , New Jersey voters gave Atlantic City the chance at a new life and, inadvertently, paved the way for Scarfo's rise to power. Voters approved legalized casino gambling for the city and opened the door to massive redevelopment.

Scarfo became the mob's man on the scene and reaped the benefits. Both his financial situation and his standing within the organization improved as a result.

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Two mob-linked construction companies controlled by Scarfo associates did several million dollars in subcontracting work on casino and public works projects spawned by the development boom. Labor racketeering and political corruption brought even more money the mob's way.

Two successive presidents of Local 54 were forced to step down because of their alleged ties to Scarfo and, in , following an out-of-court settlement of a civil racketeering suit brought by the U. Attorney's Office in New Jersey, a federal monitor was appointed to run Local 54 and rid it of mob control.

Scarfo's expanding wealth and power during the early days of casino gambling in Atlantic City coincided with a bloody, internecine struggle for control of the Bruno crime family in Philadelphia. The first shots in that battle were fired on March 21, , when Angelo Bruno was gunned down outside his home in the block of Snyder Avenue in South Philadelphia. While most law enforcement officials believe Scarfo had nothing to do with that murder or a series of retribution killings that followed, he clearly was the mobster who benefited from the turmoil that rocked the underworld and left a generation of potential leaders dead.

Testa elevated the Atlantic City mob soldier to the rank of family consigliere and together, Testa and Scarfo established a reign of terror in the underworld. Bruno had operated for years in the shadows, depending on negotiation and compromise to keep his organization running smoothly and out of the limelight.

Our latest Narratively story isn't available online - we printed the entire thing on a tote bag!

Testa and Scarfo brought blazing guns, public executions, and flash and glitter to the Philadelphia mob. This new style was epitomized by the brutal Christmas-time slaying of Philadelphia Roofers Union boss John McCullough, who was gunned down in the kitchen of his Bustleton home by a poinsettia carrying deliveryman. McCullough was killed, law enforcement authorities later learned, because he had tried to wrest control of a part of the Atlantic City bartenders union from Scarfo. Violence continued to rock the Philadelphia underworld for the next five years.

Philip Testa was blasted out of power by a bomb his rivals planted under the porch of his South Philadelphia home. Scarfo assumed the top spot in the organization, and with Testa's young and charismatic son, Salvatore, as his top gunman, proceeded to avenge the Testa murder and solidify his hold on the organization. Ten prominent South Philadelphia mob figures were killed in the two years following Testa's death as a faction of the organization loyal to Scarfo did battle with a rival group headed by old-time mob leader Harry Riccobene.

Scarfo managed to sit out most of the Riccobene War, as it came to be called, in a federal prison in Texas where he served 17 months on a gun law violation. From his prison cell, authorities later charged, he continued to run the organization and to issue murder contracts on his rivals. Released in January , he returned to Philadelphia as the undisputed boss of the crime family and the kingpin of an ever-growing and prosperous mob syndicate. Teams of Scarfo henchmen had instituted a "street tax" in the underworld.

This was a weekly or monthly extortion payment demanded of bookmakers, loan sharks, and drug dealers. The performance also included a steady thumping — from a hammer being applied to a pristine wall each time a model walked out. Donna Karan and Carolina Herrera , also on Monday, were pretty much what you might expect. She is your woman for a luxe bomber — and some of the best-looking tailored pants this season, in that classically tapered Saint Laurent cut.

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Highest Paid Mafia Boss Tells the TRUTH About the Life

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